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MWS Solar Field ™ for IPH

MWS Paraboloid Solar Thermal Dishes uses paraboloid Concentrating Solar technology to deliver high temperatures for Industrial Process Heating applications. Water/Oil coming toreceiver gets heated by this concentrated sunlight.

MWS Solar Fieldconsists of network of interconnected MWS Solar Dish Concentrators which deliver heat energy. MWS Dishes have automated two axis Sun-Tracking mechanism to ensure highest thermal efficiency & energy output from reflector. MWS Solar Fieldcan be scaled from one to hundreds of dishes as per requirement, and can be retrofitted to existing industrial systems. MWS Solar Field is 100% indigenous solution, made in India.

"India’s lightest true paraboloid solar concentrator with no Dead weights, no counter weights required"

MWS Solar Dish Specifications

Dish Models M95 M55
Dish Aperture Area 95 m2 55 m2
Solar Tracking 2 Axis Automated 2 Axis Automated
Dish Diameter 11 meter 8 meter
Dead Weight 3 tons 1.5 tons
Peak Thermal Rating 3 Lakh kCal/day 1.5 Lakh kCal/day
Peak Operating Temp. 400°C 400°C
Ground Clearance Reqd. 14 m X 14 m 10 m X 10 m

Reduce your carbon emission

System Cost covered in less than 3 years

Can be retrofitted to any existing system

Fully automated systems

Can heat up to 400°C

Reduces your carbon footprint emission


Salient Features

  • Maximum Solar Energy Yield
    • Two Axis Sun Tracking System for Highest Thermal Efficiency
    • Can integrate with existing Industrial Setups
    • Insulated cavity receiver for Maximum Output Efficiency
  • High Temperature Delivery: Due to concentrated sunlight, fluids can be heated upto very high temperature as required
  • Lowest Footprint: Dish is installed on a 1m x 1m pylon, area under the dish is free and accessible. With highest efficiency MWS Solar Dishes need lowest footprint area
  • Integration with existing Systems: M95 Solar Thermal System can easily integrate with mostexisting systems for process heat applications
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on supplies towards manufacturing, with AMC Support
Key Performance Indicators Value Benefits
Thermal Efficiency 70% Optimal usage of land space
Input Fuel for Heating Sun’s Radiation Clean fuel with no carbon emission
Concentration Ratio 400 Enables viability across wide temperature range
Footprint Ratio (concentrator area/ land area) > 300 Requires minimum land requirement for installation
Modularity Yes Viability at all scales from kW to MWs
Operations Automated Minimizes O&M
Design Specifications Eng. Standards 25-30 Year equipment lifetime

Working Principle of MWS Solar Field

  • MWS Paraboloid Dish Concentrator consists of reflectors of solar grade mirrors, a cavity receiver and two-axis solar tracking system
  • The incoming radiation gets concentrated by reflectors on to the receivers which carries working fluids such as hot water, thermic oil, etc.
  • Energy output from each receiver is routed by a piping system for integration into an industrial process
  • Fully automated double axis tracking system ensures maximum energy collection and highest energy yield to displace maximum fuel consumption

MWS Solar Field for Direct Heat Delivery
Process fluid is directly heated in the solar concentrator to integrate with the customer end process

MWS Solar Field for Indirect Heat Delivery
Solar field heats up working fluid (thermic oil) and delivers heat to customer end applications by use of heat exchangers. Its benefits are:

  • Mechanical isolation of both heating circuits
  • Thermal coupling
  • Same solar field can be used for a variety of end process applications such as hot water, hot air, thermic oil heating etc.