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MWS Solar Field ™ for IPH

Megawatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an approved manufacturer and supplier of concentrated solar thermal systems by ministry of new & renewable energy (MNRE), Government of India.

MWS Solar Field™ consists of network of interconnected MWS Solar Dish Concentrators which deliver heat energy. MWS Dishes have automated two axis Sun-Tracking mechanism to ensure highest thermal efficiency & energy output from reflector. MWS Solar FieldTM can be scaled from one to hundreds of dishes as per requirement, and can be retrofitted to existing industrial systems. MWS Solar Field is 100% indigenous solution, made in India.

Working Principle of MWS Solar Field

  • MWS Paraboloid Dish Concentrator consists of reflectors of solar grade mirrors, a cavity receiver and two-axis solar tracking system
  • The incoming radiation gets concentrated by reflectors on to the receivers which carries working fluids such as hot water, thermic oil, etc.
  • Energy output from each receiver is routed by a piping system for integration into an industrial process
  • Fully automated double axis tracking system ensures maximum energy collection and highest energy yield to displace maximum fuel consumption

MWS Solar Dish Specifications

Dish Models M95 M55
Dish Area 95 m2 55 m2
Solar Tracking 2 Axis Automated 2 Axis Automated
Dish Diameter 11 Mtr 8 Mtr
Dead Weight 3 Tons 1.5 Tons
Peak Thermal Rating

for each Dish
40,000 Kcals/hour
3 Lakh kCals/day*
20,000 Kcals/hour
1.5 Lakh kCals/day*
Operating Temperature 400°C 400°C
Ground Clearance
Required per Dish
14 m (length) X
14 m (width
10 m (length) X
10 m (width)

Equivalent energy output from one M95 Dish

Fuel Type Fuel Saved per day by one M95 Dish* Per unit FuelCost (Rs.) Cost Savings per day (Rs.)
Electricity 290 kWh 8 2,326
Diesel 26 Ltr 52 1,354
Furnace Oil 25 Ltr 26 676
Coal 62.5Kg 8 500
LPG/Natural Gas 35Kg 60 2,100

* Indicative values only

Typical Solar Field™ Layout

Key Performance Indicators Value* Benefits
Thermal Efficiency > 70% Optimal usage of land space
Input Fuel for Heating Sun’s Radiation Clean fuel with no carbon emission
Concentration Ratio > 400 Enables viability across wide temperature range
Footprint Ratio
(concentrator / land area)
> 300 Requires minimum land requirement for installation
Modularity Yes Viability at all scales from kW to MWs
Operations Automated Minimizes O&M
Design Specifications Eng. Standards 25-30 Year equipment lifetime

* Indicative values only

Applications of MWS Solar Field™

Industry Working Fluids Temperature Range Application
Pharmaceutical Steam, Air 80°C-230°C Sterilization,Drying, Process
Textile industry Water, Steam 60°C-150°C Dying, drying
Chemical Industry Steam, Air 80°C-320°C Effluent Treatment, Galvanization
Pulp & Paper Industry Steam Up to 185°C Pulping, Bleaching, Effluent Treatment
Food Industry Steam Thermic Oil 80°C-280°C Baking, FoodDrying,Distillation
Automobile Industry Water,Steam 60°C-200°C Cleaning, Degreasing. Paint Drying
Any other application thatneeds hot air, oil, water, steam from 50°C up to 300°C

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