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Introduction to Industrial Process heating
About 70% of energy produced in the industry is used for generating heat in form of hot water, steam, heated oil, etc. And about 56% of this falls within temperature range of up to 400°C.

Industry Working Fluids Temperature Range
Pharmaceutical Industry Steam, Air 80°C - 230°C
Textile industry Water, Steam 60°C - 150°C
Chemical Industry Steam, Air 80°C - 320°C
Pulp & Paper Industry Steam Up to185°C
Food Industry Steam, Air, Thermic Oil 80°C - 280°C
Mechanical Industry Water, Steam 60°C - 150°C
Automobile Industry Water, Steam 60°C - 200°C
Air Conditioning (VAM) Water, Steam 60°C - 150°C
Industry Working Fluids Temperature Range
Laundry Steam 150°C - 180°C
Cooking Steam, Food Grade Oil 120°C - 280°C
Cleaning, Bathing Water 50°C - 65°C
Industry Working Fluids Temperature Range
Boiling Steam 150°C - 180°C
Baking Food Grade Thermic Oil 120°C - 240°C
Frying Food Grade Thermic Oil 200°C - 250°C
Washing Utensils Hot Water Up to 45°C

Common fuels to meet these heating need are Coal, Wood, Furnace Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, etc. Current key pain points related to fuel selection for the industry:

  • High fuel cost (Mining, Transportation & Material Ash handling)
  • Primitive and inefficient fuel burning Techniques
  • Contamination of process due to flue gas from burning fuels