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MWS Smart Kitchen™

1. Solar Thermal-LPG Hybrid Smart Kitchen at Power Plant Staff kitchen

MWS has recently commissioned India’s most modern, and automated Smart Kitchen at NTPC, Dadri which has been hybridized with Concentrating Solar Thermal M90 Dishes and efficient LPG Fired Burner.

Configuration of Concentrating Solar M90 Dishes at NTPC, Dadri:

Peak Capacity at STC 80,000 kcal/hr.
Application Cooking (Baking, Boiling and Frying)
System Configuration Hot Thermic Oil at 220°C
Integration Hybridized with LPG Thermic Oil Heater
Peak Capacity at STC 80,000 kcal/hr
Total Concentrator Area 2 Nos. of M90 Dishes totalling 180 sq. meters

During day time (sunny hours) Smart Kitchen uses conc. Solar heat from M90 dishes for cooking, and during non-sunny period, LPG Fired burner automatically fires up, to provide completely automated-uninterrupted heat to the kitchen for cooking.

Solar Thermal M90 Dishes at NTPC bear low running cost, hence payback period of this system is coming out to be less than four years. After that time system will run on Solar Energy for free of Cost for designed 25 years lifetime.

2. LPG Kitchen transition to biomass smart kitchen in College Hostel kitchen

3. Solar Thermal-Diesel Hybrid Smart Kitchen at school kitchen

4. Solar Thermal-LPG Hybrid Smart Kitchen at school kitchen