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More than 90% of continuous cooking systems utilized in Hotels, Institutions, HostelKitchens etc. are based on conventional household-type open-flame cooking arrangement based on LPG. Conventional LPG-Based Cooking Suffer From These Problems:

Our Projects
  • Safety: Open flame comprises safety of kitchen staff
  • LPG is required to be brought to point of cooking in pipelines. In case of fire from the flame LPG cylinders can blast
  • Inefficiency: LPG burners are highly inefficient with less than 50% energy actually making it to the food
  • Warrants investment in air handling & circulating draft units
  • High LPG Use: Open flame leads to increase in ambient temperatures. This in turn leads to high electricity consumption due to air handling and ventilating units
  • Uneven Cooking: due to central flame spread out over a large vessel area
  • Air Pollution: Flue gas/fly ash from fuel in kitchen effects cook’s health and can contaminate food