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MWS Mega Track

Groundbreaking Technology for Photovoltaic Systems

SMARTRACK always keep solar panels aligned to the Sun at an optimal angle, giving maximum yield on your investment

  • Solar Panels are placed in North-South Axis. Tracker moves from East to West
  • Can be installed on uneven land surface
  • Modular and independent Tracking rows allow easy maintenance
  • Maintenance free polymer bearings (no oiling, greasing, required)
  • Remote Monitoring of trackers
  • Designed to withstand 180 Km/hr. wind load and 3 sec. wind gust at 200 Km/hr
  • Customized tracking solutions configurable and available as per requirement

Technical Specifications

DC Capacity 32 - 38 kWp per tracking row
Tracking Range ┬▒ 50┬░
Controls Fully-automated self-powered Row Control Unit (RCU) per tracker Master Control Unit (MCU)
Storm Protection Panels tilted horizontally to Ground in Safe Position
Drive System Self Locking Gears
Installation Rapid field assembly with no onsite welding
Foundation Type Driven pier/concrete pile to withstand 180 km/hr winds
Block Dimensions Fully Configurable, based on Site Dimensions
Modules Supported Most commercially available modules (including frameless thin film)
Structure Material Hot-Dipped galvanized MS Structure
Structure Assembly Simple modular design, not requiring crane/welding work at site, saving installation time
Warranty 5 year warranty on structure

Configurable Tracker Design

Each tracker can operate 8 blocks of Solar PV Panels. Blocks of panels can be configured as per customers requirement and ground space available.

3X5 block of panels in landscape mode

2X8 block of panels in portrait mode

Precise Tracking

  • Astronomical Tracking with self-calibration
  • Back tracking
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Row to row automatic shadow detection
  • Self Solar Powered Trackers
  • Automatic Wind Storm Protection

Robust Structure

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Structure with 80 micron coating
  • Self-lubricating Polymer Bearings
  • Least Structural Weight per MW
  • Designed to withstand wind loads upto 180 Km/hr