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Megawatt solutions awarded one of India's largest Industrial Heating Projects from Dairy sector in India

Megawatt Solutions has been awarded one of India's largest concentrated Solar Thermal systems for hot water of capacity upto 1 lac ltrs of hot water per day. The project was awarded vide a bidding process by India's leading dairy for raising temperature of incoming closed loop hot water for reducing natural gas consumption conventionally used as fuel for generating hot water for process cleaning. The project is located in New Delhi, India. The total system size is envisaged to be 1520 square meters of concentrator area and will consist of 16 nos of fully two axis tracking parabolid dishes each of 95m2 in area. Megawatt Solution's 2-axis tracking paraboloid dish technology was adopted keeping in mind the highest efficiency and output among all concentrator systems. This marks Megawatt Solution's foray into the Dairy sector in India.

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