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About MWS

Megawatt Solutions is India’s leading Efficient Energy Solutions Company. We leverage various clean energy technologies to provide most economical solutions that help our customers reduce fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

We provide solutions for saving fossil fuels in industrial processes, for community cooking, and advanced solar power solutions.

We are MNRE*-approved technology and solutions provider. Our customer investments qualify for all applicable subsidies and financial incentives including 80% accelerated depreciation.

We follow a technology-cum EPC approach and turnkey deliver solutions from designing to commissioning.

All global energy consumers today consume energy in two forms- heat and power. Be it an industry, an institution or any commercial establishment, they all face various challenges of ever growing reliance on electricity grid with unpredictable supply and high prices negatively impacts business as usual. Similarly, About 70% of energy produced in the industry is used for generating heat in form of hot water, steam, heated oil, etc. And about 56% of this falls within temperature range of up to 400°C. Most common fuel sources for generating heat are: Coal, Wood, Furnace Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.

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For Industrial Process Heating Applications

For Industrial & Institutional kitchens


For Smart Cities, Malls, Public Parks, Plazas, etc

For high yield off-grid & utility scale Power Plants


Megawatt Solutions is focused on addressing problems associated with other technologies. Our solutions are engineered to create the most value for your investment. MWS provides sustainable energy solutions for heat and power needs for the industries & Institutions. The solutions are robust, highly efficient and provide the flexibility to use in small, mid and large-scale industrial systems. These can be retrofitted seamlessly into an existing fossil-based industrial system or used for Greenfield Projects.

Key benefits of Megawatt Solutions:

  • Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Channel Partner
  • All financial incentives including subsidies are applicable for our systems
  • Professional and experienced team
  • Proven Technologies with a Strong references across India
  • High returns through reliable, eco-friendly technology
  • Save your operating cost
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • 100% indigenous solutions

Proprietary Energy Technologies
We design & develop our own Technologies which are fundamental breakthroughs in global energy markets. We de no rely on incremental improvements in existing systems. The World energy consumption is rapidly changing with altogether new types of energy demands. Fundamentally new technology concepts are required to meet these demands of the future.

Design & Engineering
We control quality from design to delivery. Thanks to our in-house design & engineering infrastructure. With state of the art design & analysis software we are able to determine long term failure modes in the field and address them at design stage. This ensures high performance and long term reliability in our solutions.

Turnkey Solutions Provider
We undertake a thorough and detailed understanding customer’s requirements and then design and engineer most applicable solutions which is installed by our in-house team. Hence the customer deals with Megawatt Solutions for all types of customized energy solutions.